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Apache Trail Tours & Superstition Mountain Adventures

"The Apache Trail combines the grandeur of the Alps, the glory of the Rockies, the magnificence of the Grand Canyon and then adds an indefinable something that none of the others have. To me, it is the most beautiful panorama nature has created." - President Theodore Roosevelt

Arizona Trails desert jeep tours Desert Jeep Tours - See the pristine beauty and learn the history of the superstitions as you travel along the mountain foothills. See massive rock formations, abundant saguaro cacti and desert wildlife. Learn about the superstition mountains, weavers needle, and the lost dutchman mine. In Spring great viewing of desert wildflowers. 
Length: 2 hours Cost: $75
per person
, $60 Child; 1 hour Cost: $45 per person, $30 Child (min 2 fares)
Gold Panning Tours - Venture into the desert with a stop at the gizmo gold claim to pan for gold. Guides teach guests the art of art of panning and how to tell real gold from fools gold.
Length: 2 hours Cost: $75 per person, $60 Child;
Gold Panning plus 1 hr Desert Tour $100 per person, $80 Child
(min 3 fares)

Hiking Tours - Groups of 2 or more only. Experienced outfitters lead groups along the trails in the Superstition wilderness and along the foothills. Many options to choose between. Difficulty and time depend on the fitness of the group. 1-8 hours or longer.  Call for rates

arizona trails bed and breakfast tours Half Trail Tours - Tour along the border of the Superstition Mountains and Four Peaks Wilderness area. As the tour twists, turns and climbs the trail, guests learn about the history, legends and lore of the area. Very scenic trip - bring lots of film. Stops at overlooks for breathtaking views of Canyon and Apache Lakes along with the infamous Fish Creek Trail. On the way back, stop at Tortilla Flat (an old stage coach stop) for souvenirs and refreshments. Length: 4 hours Cost: $100 Adult, $85 Child per person (min 4 fares)


Apache Trail Scenic Tours  - Follow the path of the Apache Trail, the most ancient highway in North America. Scenic tour - no heavy off road.
Length: 1 hours $45 Adult, $30 Child; 2 hours $75 Adult, $60 Child; 3 hours $90 Adult, $75 Child

Wranglers Trail - Full day on Apache Trail. Views of Roosevelt Lake and Dam and hike up into the Tonto Monument with Anasazi Cliff Dwellings. Lunch is included. Minimum 6 people. Length: 8 hours. $165 Adult, $145 Child


Sedona - This is the outback of the West Sedona Valley, where over 40 movies have been filmed over the years. There are over a hundred miles of trails to choose from, which provides their guides with the opportunity to customize each tour based on the age, interests and skill levels of the group. If the conditions are right, you'll be awestruck by a view of the Verde Valley from the top of Skeleton Bone Mountain, over 800 feet above the valley floor. And don't be surprised if some antelope run alongside you as you drive along the valley floor! Tour includes - Free training, helmets, goggles, gloves, cold bottled water and snacks
Length of Trip: 3 hours - 30 miles Departure times 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM
$130 per ATV riding single including tax, $142 per ATV riding double including tax
Florence - The real highlight of the tour is Box Canyon. You'll be in the canyon for about six miles. The middle 3 miles is slot canyon with walls only about 10-20 feet apart that are about 900 feet high on both sides. The scenery is incredible! Elevation gain and decent is over 1700 vertical feet as they climb up and over the front range of the Pinal Mountains. Along the tour your guide will point out Indian petroglyphs left over from the ancient Native Americans. Another point of interest is an old adobe building that served as a way station for the Butterfield Overland Stage Coach Company during the 1860's. The tour includes: Free training, helmets, goggles, gloves, cold bottled water and snacks
Length of Trip: 3.25 hours - 40 miles Tours leave at 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM daily
Pricing: $129 per ATV including tax


Sedona Off Roading Motezuma- Spend a full day touring Sedona in air conditioned comfort. Tours include a combination of the following: Schnebley Hill Trail, Red Rock Country, Vortex Locations, Motezuma's Castle Indian Ruins, Tlaquepaque Village, Shops, Galleries and Restaurants. Cost $175 per person with a 4 person minimum 

Sedona Cliff Dwelling, Rock Art - Spend a full day touring Sedona in air conditioned comfort. Tours include a combination of the following: Petroglyphs and pictographs over 1,500 years old, Heritage Sites: V-V Rock Art, Palatki Red Cliff Dwelling & Rock Art, Honanki Cliff Dwelling and Rock Art, moderate hiking. Cost $175 per person with a 4 person minimum.


arizona trails bed and breakfast toursarizona trails bed and breakfast toursTake an exciting 4x4 Jeep tour through the Red Rock Country of Sedona. Travel through the canyons, climb to the top of the Mogollon Rim or experience the world famous red rocks up close. Experienced guides will take you thorough the backcountry and acquaint you with the colorful history, geology, Native American cultures and spiritual traditions unique to Sedona. Choose from a variety of tour options. (Note: these tours are not recommended for persons with neck or back injuries or women who are pregnant.)
Broken Arrow  
This world famous 4-wheel drive adventure takes you to Sedona's famous jeep playground, named after the 1950 western movie, and one of the original Bradshaw Movie Trails. Become awestruck as you experience the most incredible off-road excursion in the Southwest.  Marvel at the natural splendor that surrounds you as you challenge your courage.  Panoramic vistas and surprising scenery await you.  Length: 2 hours, Minimum 2 persons Cost:  $79 Adult, $59.25 Children 12 & under

Ancient Ruins
Extraordinary scenery abounds as you travel through spectacular canyon lands with towering red rock formations.  Explore the mystery and capture the history of a 700 year old Sinaguan cliff dwelling.  Your guide will reveal the customs, myths, and legends of our native ancestors.  Petroglyphs (rock art) is translated to reveals details about a primitive lifestyle. Length: 2.5 hours, Minimum 2 people
Cost: $72 Adult, $54 Children
12 & under

Scenic Rim

Journey through the magnificent red rock canyons to the very top of the Mogollon Rim. Climb 2,000 feet above Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon, as you take in the natural wonders of Sedona's most unforgettable panoramic views. 
Cost: 2 Hours $55 Adult, $41.25 Children under 12
2.5 Hours $70 Adult, $52.50 Child, minimum 2 people

Coyote Canyons Tours
Explore the rugged canyons and soaring spires for which Sedona is famous. Take in the awe-inspiring beauty of these unique canyons as your knowledgeable guide acquaints you with rock formations that seem to appear from nowhere. Always beautiful; extraordinary at sunset!
Cost: 1.5 Hours $45 Adult, $33.75 Children under 12
2 Hours $55 Adult, $41.25 Child, minimum 2 people

Diamondback Gulch Tour
Enjoy the rugged adventure of a thrilling 4 x 4 tour with extraordinary views! Experience the timeless beauty of famous rock formations such as Capitol Butte, Chimney Rock, Lizard Head and Doe Mesa. Explore the high desert terrain as you soak up these refreshing views. You’ll snake through the Sidewinder trail to plunge into the depth of the gulch. Your heart will pound as you navigate this stunning grand arroyo and you won’t believe your eyes as you climb out the other side.Become captivated by the rugged adventure of this exciting off-road tour!
Length: 2.5 Hours, minimum 2 people
Cost: $72 Adult, $54 Children under 12


Travel off the beaten path on these scenic jeep tours operated and guided by Navajos born and raised in Monument Valley. Your Navajo guide will share interesting sites, photographic opportunities and the best scenic views in the Tribal Park as you learn about the history and the culture of "The People". Experience the awe and wonder of this magical land with towering rock formations, and expansive buttes and mesas. See some of the most photographed landscapes in history. Tours encompass the Navajo Loop, Mystery Valley, and much more. Tours depart daily.
arizona trails bed and breakfast tours
1.5 hours - $62.40 per person; children 6 - 12 call
2.5 hours - $72.80 per person; children 6 - 12 call

Mystery Valley Half Day Tour - takes you into an area south beyond the Monument Valley
Tribal Park. This area has many Natural Sandstone Arches formed from erosion over millenniums.
Here, the Navajo believe is where the Anasazi Peoples derived from. From the clay and waters they
became as they were. Although they were small in stature, their dwellings in the high cliff tops were
very efficient in fending off enemy or wild animals from attacking effectivey. Pottery left over are
found laying around the ruins as evidence of a culture, mysteriously, long gone. There are the
Petroglyphs to remind us of some form of communication that may have been shared among them.

Cost $88.40 per person; 30 miles children 6 - 12 call

All Day Tour - takes you into Monument Valley Tribal Park and the Mystery Valley together to make sure your adventure includes all the scenery in Monument Valley Tribal Park. 
CCost:  $156.00 per person for All-day 60 miles/ minimum 3 person

Sunrise and Sunset Tours - Tour guides are experienced with professional photographers and will go pretty much go the distance to get you the shot you want. After all scenery and culture is what Navajoland  is all about.  2  1/2 hrs.
Cost: $83.20


Four Peaks Hummer Adventures - This adventure includes a very knowledgeable guide to go over the flora and fauna of the desert and to answer any desired questions, and plenty of photo opportunities! Spend about four hours on an unforgettable off-road experience through the serene mountains on the Tonto National Forest while aboard the unstoppable and unmatched Hummer. The Tonto is the largest National Forest in Arizona sizing in at just under 3 million acres. The picturesque views will not soon be forgotten. This adventure goes places that a normal off-road vehicle can't and these vehicles will make it feel like a stroll in the park. The Hummer conquers the roughest terrain with ease. Morning and afternoon departures.
Cost: $135 adult and $95 children 10 and under includes snacks and beverages - 3-4 hours

Advanced  Trail Hummer Adventure - Do you enjoy a good adrenaline rush? This is the extreme adventure for you. The Rolls Trail is widely renowned to be one of Arizona's leading off-road sites, with impressive terrain such as steep hills and descents, technical modulation sections, visual displays, differing terrain, side slopes and white knuckle sections! This is four hours of hold on to your seat thrills. This adventure illustrates the unmatched capabilities of our vehicles in the scenic Sonoran Desert. Even the famous "Rolls" area cannot tame these 4x4's. Morning and afternoon departures.
Cost: $165 per person includes snacks and beverages - 3-4 hours


Hummer/ATV Combo - Combine the excitement of the Hummer tour with the chance to operate your own ATV on the pre-approved trails of Tonto National Forest. Tour includes full instruction on the operation of your ATV. Children 16 and over may operate their own ATV. Children 8 - 15 may ride tandem with an adult or person over 16. This tour lasts 4 hours and includes snacks and beverages.
Cost: $250 per person 

Night Vision Tours - Experience the excitement of the desert at night and increase your chance of seeing desert wildlife. Travel through the Tonto National Forest after dark wearing night vision goggles. These goggles light up the desert with a clear green hue that enables you to see like daytime. Tours are conducted in off-road hummers and include snacks and beverages as well as hotel pick up in the Phoenix - Scottsdale area. Departure times will vary depending on the time of year.
Cost: $145 per person - 3-4 hours

Blazer Tours - Tours will be on the M10-09 which was built for the military and features a 6.2L Diesel engine with upgrades like a heavy duty suspension and rear gov-lock to make it comfortable and handle well off-road. This unique experience takes you to either the 4 Peaks Trail or the "Rocks and Ruins Trail". Tour Time 3-4 Hours
Cost: $95 per person  Children (10 and under) $75 per person Includes snacks and beverages

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